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OMB Recruiting’s mission is to help people become self-sufficient and independent by providing them with access to fulfilling employment opportunities. With a focus on blue-collar jobs, the company works tirelessly to connect skilled workers with reputable employers in a range of industries, from construction and manufacturing to transportation and logistics.

How can we help you?​

OMB Recruiting specializes in connecting blue-collar job seekers with employment opportunities. They work with candidates who have a range of skills and experience levels, from entry-level workers to experienced professionals. We offer Full time and Temp work.

Construction Workers

Perform manual labor tasks on construction sites, such as operating machinery, moving materials, and erecting structures.

Skilled Tradespeople

Specialize in a specific trade, such as plumbing, electrical work, or carpentry, and work on construction, maintenance, or repair projects.

Manufacturing Technicians

Operate machinery and equipment in a manufacturing setting to produce goods or parts.


Work in the transportation and logistics industry, performing tasks such as driving trucks, managing supply chains, and overseeing transportation operations.


The services industry offers a wide range of job positions, including customer service, hospitality, healthcare, education, marketing, and more. These positions require a variety of skills, from communication to technical expertise, and offer opportunities for growth and advancement.

Warehouse Workers​​​

Responsible for receiving, storing, and distributing goods in a warehouse setting, as well as preparing orders for shipment.

“Grateful for OMB Recruiting’s Expertise in Finding the Perfect Job!”​

“OMB Recruiting helped me find the perfect job in the transportation industry. I’m grateful for their support and expertise!”

Pete D​

Logistics coordinator

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